3. HPR plugin

HPR is a standard plugin of cloudComPy.

The availability of the plugin can be tested with the cloudComPy.isPluginHPR() function:

isHPR_available = cc.isPluginHPR()

HPR is a submodule of cloudCompy:

import cloudComPy as cc
# ...
if cc.isPluginHPR():
    import cloudComPy.HPR
cloudComPy.HPR.computeHPR(cloud: _cloudComPy.ccPointCloud, viewPoint: Vector3Tpl<T>, octreeLevel: int = 7) _cloudComPy.ccPointCloud

Compute Hidden Point Removal for point cloud. (plugin HPR)

The HPR algorithm creates a new cloud in which the hidden points are removed. The viewPoint coordinates are required. (With the CloudCompare GUI, the viewPoint is deduced from the 3D view).

  • cloud (ccPointCloud) – input cloud, with hidden points.

  • viewPoint (ccVector3D) – view point coordinates

  • octreeLevel (int,optional) – octree level, default 7.


point cloud without hidden points or None (if problem or no change)

Return type


cloudComPy.HPR.initTrace_HPR() None

Debug trace must be initialized for each Python module.

Done in module init, following the value of environment variable _CCTRACE_ (“ON” if debug traces wanted)