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18 December 2023

CloudCompare for macOS, Apple arm64, December 17, 2023


CloudCompare for macOS, Apple arm64, December 17, 2023

Experimental: Built and tested on macOS SONOMA 14.2. Compatible with macOS 12.7 and later.

This application is self contained, signed and notarized. Please post issues on CloudCompare GitHub in case of problem.

The previous macOS versions (2022 and older) of CloudCompare provided on the CloudCompare site had several known problems: see the known issues on CloudCompare GitHub.

This version is built with an up to date source of CloudCompare, and we try to fix some of the above issues.

Fixed issues in this release :

  • #1912 CloudCompare not available on current macOS Version

Already fixed in previous releases :

  • #1889 Registration tool broken with current master
  • #1671 animation FFMPEG not working
  • #1553 zooming with trackpad erratic
  • #1836 plugin RANSAC-SD loops indefinitely
  • #1830 plugin PoissonReconstruction aborts

The corresponding code source is integrated on CloudCompare master branch  on GitHub.

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