The April 9, 2022 CloudComPy Windows10 release is available

The April 9, 2022 version of the Windows 10 Anaconda 3 binary is available here.

The corresponding Anaconda3 configuration is described in the README.

This version brings the following features:

  • Update to CloudCompare 2.12.0 (april 7 2022)
  • Add access to plugin RANSAC_SD on Windows and Linux (issue #27). See
  • Cross-section methods (issue #27). See
  • Extract Connected Components (issue #27). See
  • fix tests, activate trace on all tests to improve debug
  • add methods on primitives
  • fix a bug in conversion from C++ to Python, where objects name are missing.
  • fix keyword arguments problems when default value is nullptr
  • update README files, and add them in binary.
  • fix several mistakes in doc

Corresponding git tag CloudComPy_master_20220409.

WARNING: the lastest updates of conda packages are no more compatible with this binary (and older ones): If you have a working conda environment for a recent CloudComPy binary, keep it! In case of problems look at the conda list and compare it with the output of conda list command in the conda CloudCompy39 environment. Major version changes may induce problems.

If you need to create or recreate the CloudCompy39 conda environment please use the following (warning: commands are slightly different between Linux and Windows):

conda update -y -n base -c defaults conda
conda activate
conda create -y --name CloudComPy39 python=3.9
   # --- erase previous env if existing
conda activate CloudComPy39
conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda config --set channel_priority strict
conda install -y "boost=1.72" "cgal=5.0" cmake "ffmpeg=4.3" "gdal=3.3" "jupyterlab=3.2" "matplotlib=3.5" "mysql=8.0" "numpy=1.22" "opencv=4.5" "openmp=8.0" "pcl=1.11" "pdal=2.3" "psutil=5.9" "qt=5.12" "scipy=1.8" "sphinx_rtd_theme=1.0" "spyder=5.2" "tbb=2021.5" "tbb-devel=2021.5" "xerces-c=3.2"