The February 09, 2023 CloudComPy Linux release is available

The February 09, 2023 version of the Linux64 Anaconda 3 binary is available here.

WARNING This version requires a conda environment based on Python 3.10.

WARNING Qt 5.15.6 is not compatible with Qt 5.15.4!  Please force Qt 5.15.4 in the following instructions. Specifying Qt 5.15 is not enough...

To create this environment, see the README, use the following instructions.

conda activate
conda update -y -n base -c defaults conda

conda create --name CloudComPy310 python=3.10
   # --- erase previous env if existing

conda activate CloudComPy310
conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda config --set channel_priority strict
conda install "boost=1.74" "cgal=5.4" cmake ffmpeg "gdal=3.5" jupyterlab laszip "matplotlib=3.5" "mysql=8.0" "numpy=1.22" "opencv=4.5" "openmp=8.0" "pcl=1.12" "pdal=2.4" "psutil=5.9" pybind11 "qhull=2020.2" "qt=5.15.4" "scipy=1.8" sphinx_rtd_theme spyder tbb tbb-devel "xerces-c=3.2"

This version brings the following features:

  • update to CloudCompare master > 2.12.4 (January 9 2023)
  • (issue #77) Canupo plugin: at least the same as in command mode (
  • Take into account the new las io plugin of CloudCompare, both in CloudCompare and CloudComPy
  • Wrap the Surface Revolution Analysis plugin of CloudCompare in CloudComPy (
  • (issue #82) remove old wrap of M3C2 PLUGIN (WRAP_PLUGIN_M3C2)
  • (issue #83) Fix bug in RANSAC SD python plugin: meshes not detected when sensors in dataset
  • (issue #85) fix install procedure, Qt 5.15.6 is not compatible with Qt 5.15.4
  • Various small fixes.

This binary requires also installed on the system: for ubuntu 

sudo apt-get install libomp5

Only tested un Ubuntu 20.04, please report any problems on other distributions.

GLIBC version should be 2.29 or more.

Please report any problem on github.

Corresponding git tag CloudComPy_master_20230209