The December 5, 2021 CloudComPy Windows10 release is available

The December 5, 2021 version of the Windows 10 Anaconda 3 binary is available here.

The corresponding Anaconda3 configuration is described in the README.

This version brings the following features:

  • Windows build: restructuration of CMakeSettings.json and build with Python 3.9
  • complements on transformations methods (constructors, converters, data access, rotation operators...)
  • conversion of a tranformation from double precision to simple precision
  • delete entity method (warning: use with caution, no protection against a C++ object destruction while there are still Python objects handling the deleted object!)
  • complements on Polyline methods
  • addChild method for entities
  • a minimal bounding box function (find a rotation that minimise the bounding box Ox,Oy,Oz) written with CloudComPy (see test026.py and tes027.py)
  • better scripts to set the environment when running CloudComPy (enCloudCompPy.bat on Windows, condaCloud.sh on Linux)
  • activate or deactivate c++ debug trace with environment variable _CCTRACE_=ON
  • add IDE spyder and jupyter on conda environments (exemple of jupyter notebook in doc/samples)
  • README restructuration

Corresponding git tag 'CloudComPy_master_20211205'.