The December 8, 2021 CloudComPy Linux release fixes a problem with December 5 Linux version

This version replaces the version from December 05, 2021 (bug in environment script). This binary is available here.

This binary works only on Linux 64, on recent distributions, and with Anaconda3 as described below, not anywhere else!

This binary requires also installed on the system: for ubuntu 

sudo apt-get install libomp5

Only tested on Ubuntu 20.04 (focal) and Debian 11 (bullseye), please report any problems on other distributions.

GLIBC version should be 2.29 or more.

The corresponding Anaconda3 configuration is described in the README.

Please report any problem on github.

This version brings the following features:

  • Windows build: restructuration of CMakeSettings.json and build with Python 3.9
  • complements on transformations methods (constructors, converters, data access, rotation operators...)
  • conversion of a tranformation from double precision to simple precision
  • delete entity method (warning: use with caution, no protection against a C++ object destruction while there are still Python objects handling the deleted object!)
  • complements on Polyline methods
  • addChild method for entities
  • a minimal bounding box function (find a rotation that minimise the bounding box Ox,Oy,Oz) written with CloudComPy (see and
  • better scripts to set the environment when running CloudComPy (enCloudCompPy.bat on Windows, on Linux)
  • activate or deactivate c++ debug trace with environment variable _CCTRACE_=ON
  • add IDE spyder and jupyter on conda environments (exemple of jupyter notebook in doc/samples)
  • README restructuration

Corresponding git tag 'CloudComPy_master_20211208'.