The February 17, 2022 CloudComPy Linux release is available

The February 17, 2022 version of the Linux64 Anaconda 3 binary is available here.

Please have a look at README for requirements.

This version brings the following features:

  • Allow keyword arguments on methods with optional arguments, to avoid to fill a long list of default values (issue #20). See for instance in doc/PythonAPI/, where the methods have about 20 arguments with only two mandatory. The keyword arguments are not yet implemented on methods without optional arguments.
  • Debug traces from C++ are extended to messages from CloudCompare (the same we get on the CloudCompare GUI console). Need the environment variable CCTRACE=ON
  • Fix several problems related to las driver (issue #20):
    • - On Linux, set the locale to C (same as default US locale) to avoid conversion problems from string to float.
    • - The latest version of PDAL (2.3.0) is more restrictive on dimension names than 2.1.0.
  • Python package restructuration to handle properly the standard plugins: to get access to the wrapped methods of a plugin, this plugin must be explicitely imported: see for instance doc/PythonAPI/ (plugin M3C2) the plugin M3C2 is the only standard plugin wrapped for the moment (issue #16).
  • Add some features to Rasterization (issue #21)
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.


This binary works only on Linux 64, on recent distributions, and with Anaconda3 as described in README, not anywhere else!

This binary requires also installed on the system: for ubuntu 

sudo apt-get install libomp5

Only tested un Ubuntu 20.04 (focal), please report any problems on other distributions.

GLIBC version should be 2.29 or more.

Please report any problem on github.

Corresponding git tag 'CloudComPy_master_20220218'.