The February 17, 2022 CloudComPy Windows10 release is available

The February 17, 2022 version of the Windows 10 Anaconda 3 binary is available here.

The corresponding Anaconda3 configuration is described in the README.

This version brings the following features:

  • Allow keyword arguments on methods with optional arguments, to avoid to fill a long list of default values (issue #20). See for instance in doc/PythonAPI/, where the methods have about 20 arguments with only two mandatory. The keyword arguments are not yet implemented on methods without optional arguments.
  • Debug traces from C++ are extended to messages from CloudCompare (the same we get on the CloudCompare GUI console). Need the environment variable CCTRACE=ON
  • Fix several problems related to las driver (issue #20):
    • - On Linux, set the locale to C (same as default US locale) to avoid conversion problems from string to float.
    • - The latest version of PDAL (2.3.0) is more restrictive on dimension names than 2.1.0.
  • Python package restructuration to handle properly the standard plugins: to get access to the wrapped methods of a plugin, this plugin must be explicitely imported: see for instance doc/PythonAPI/ (plugin M3C2) the plugin M3C2 is the only standard plugin wrapped for the moment (issue #16).
  • Add some features to Rasterization (issue #21)
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Corresponding git tag 'CloudComPy_master_20220218.