The July19, 2022 CloudComPy Windows10 release is available

The July 19, 2022 version of the Windows 10 Anaconda 3 binary is available here.

The corresponding Anaconda3 configuration is described in the README.

This version brings the following features:

  • update to CloudCompare master > 2.12.4 (july 19, 2022)
  • add a user documentation with some use cases.
  • improve C2C split distances (issue #56), see
  • get access to sensor TSL info (sensors position, transformation...) (issue #57), see
  • get access to E57 structure (issue #58), see
  • compute scattering angles (issue #59), see
  • implement GuessBestParams for M2C2 plugin (issue #60), see
  • compute CSF filter on a cloud (issue #61), see
  • add a use case for memory leaks in iterative processes (issue #62), see
  • Various small fixes.


NOTE: issues #49, #50, #53, #54 are still under analysis, they will require further development.

Corresponding git tag CloudComPy_master_20220719.